Top 10 Things I’ve Learned

From My Healing Journey & Life Experience


1. To change anything, be it a physical condition, symptom, disease, emotional depression or unhealthy habit, I had to get to the root physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual causes.

2. If an unhealthy pattern, condition or emotional state persists, I seek support from intuitives and healers that can help me get to what I can’t from my conscious mind.

3. Juice fasts, colonics, detox herbs, raw food and a 30 day water fast with rest allowed my body to cleanse and heal but what made the most impact was changing my daily habits, behaviors, lifestyle, mindset and feeling, releasing and listening to my emotions. 

4. After healing my systemic Candida condition and cleaning out old impacted waste from my colon, my body is now able to assimilate the high-nutrient content from a whole organic plant-based diet.

5. All of the physical detoxing I did when I wasn’t self-awareness didn’t do me any good since I wasn’t able to change the behaviors and choices that were causing me to retox, until I changed my awareness and did the subconscious emotional work and healing.

6. The easiest way to detox, and permanently change, was to move towards my passion and purpose and choose the food, thoughts, behaviors, people and environments that gives me energy and release the negative patterns, food, thoughts, behaviors, people and environments that drain my energy.

7. My beliefs are based on my experiences, not from books or other people’s opinions and experiences.

8. To respect other people’s beliefs and experiences and to refrain from having an opinion unless I have personally experienced what they have.

9. To surround myself with supportive, loving people and be able to let those go who judge and criticize me.

10. To do my best to love and accept myself as I am, to love everything as it is and everyone as they are.

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