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10 Steps to Change Anything (Habits)

10 Steps to Change Anything (Habits)

1. Be aware of what you don’t want.

2. Recognize how you feel, allow it, and accept it – pain and suffering is caused from refusing to accept the now.

3. Detach it from your thoughts.

4. Understand what you can change, what is not you, what is not true and where it comes from.

5. Set a clear intention (lose 10 lbs, eat breakfast, drink water, eat organic, movement each day, go to bed by 10pm, meditate, gratitude journal, dance, empowering loving self talk, take a class: raw, yoga, detox).

6. Make a commitment and know your motivation (WHY), honor your word.

7. Make a plan.

8. Action/doing.

9. Appreciate your change.

10. Continue.

Let’s face it. It’s rare that you’ll find someone who will commit 100% to something and never look back or have a breakdown. But your ability to succeed will be measured by your determination and focus, as well as your ability to learn from your “mistakes”.

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Elicia is a Candida Expert and Founder of Core Emotional Healing®. She is the author of Detox 101 and coauthor of One Crazy Broccoli and What’s Left to Eat. Her new book, Your Symptoms Are A Gift, is scheduled to be released in 2020.

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