10 Reasons to Come to Elicia & Janet’s Costa Rica Retreat

1. Peace, quiet, ocean, aaaahhh…

2. Get to the root of your issues; create huge shifts in your perspective; experience major changes in your lives.

3. Receive support from 2 master healers and the land ~ a loving and safe space to go deep.

4. The 28 hours of group therapy work you receive is more powerful than 28 years of trying to do it on your own with many healers.

5. Experience total immersion in tropical forest on the Pacific Coast

6. Private retreat ~ we have the whole place to ourselves!

7. Take advantage of deep physical healing with BioMat therapy ~ amethyst enhanced Far Infrared technology ~ oh my!

8. Take daily 90 minute yoga classes to help relax, integrate and refresh

9. Enjoy organic yummy allergy-free meals

10. Have plenty of time and space to reflect on your life in your own room, on the grounds, or in nature

We have witnessed the entire constitution of our participants change – the light in their eyes, the way they hold themselves, the tone of their voice ~ their level of self-awareness, confidence, purpose, and clarity all shifted.

Contact us soon to secure your spot, limited to 8 women!

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Why this retreat is different:

Despite spending years and thousands of dollars going away to detox retreats that focused on the physical cleanse ~  Ayurveda, juice, shakes, pills, water fasting, colonics, zappers, massage, saunas, yoga and even some that included Reiki and hypnotherapy….nobody had helped me get to the root of my patterns or taught me how to heal myself on an ongoing basis.

I even spent $5,000 on a week long retreat that actually made my symptoms worse.

I’ve known clients who went away to the Chopra Center and other posh retreats and came back feeling refreshed ~ and then went right back into dysfunctional relationships.

Nothing changes until you change your relationship with yourself.

So last year I got together with my friend Janet Raftis, an energy healer and psychic medium, and we created a retreat that included everything that helped us and our clients to finally heal the root causes of chronic physical symptoms, relationship patterns and overall struggles in life.

It went better than we ever could have imagined!

The participants shifted out of their old, stuck, limited ways of being and into their true, authentic, loving and powerful selves. We actually witnessed their outward physical expressions change as they created powerful and lasting internal shifts. We have watched each of them create change in almost every aspect of their lives. And the effects are still unfolding for them!

But you don’t have to take it from just us. Here is a sampling of what they had to say:

“I LOVED the retreat! Before the retreat I had issues and stuff coming up that I didn’t understand…I started having candida retreat costa ricadepression and low self esteem; I felt completely unable to make my own decisions or have a voice. I felt so confused and so stressed all the time. I allowed myself to be treated badly in a relationship and I had given up my power because I couldn’t even think straight. So many thoughts ran through my mind all the time all at once that I had no clarity or peace of mind. I was tired all the time. I had anxiety. I was gaining weight and had edema. I started binge eating and was eating more then I needed to and always felt so sluggish and fatigued. Now I’m eating less and feeling very nourished and satisfied. I’m eating live food, a ton sprouts, and fruit with absolutely no symptoms. I’m not binging anymore. I have so much energy. I’m running again. I’m able to think straight and calm my mind. I go on adventures even if it’s just with myself. I’m able to ask for my needs and speak my mind. I’m better at being able to distinguish other people’s “stuff” from my own and not taking their stuff on like I used to. I was beginning to lose myself and you guys and the retreat helped so much to bring me back. Thank you! Even four months later, the Costa Rica retreat has been still integrating and helping me.”

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