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Your symptoms are a gift!® Let's Get Started! "There is wisdom in your body. Each symptom has a message supporting your expression and fulfillment!"

 Core Emotional Healing® Lays The Foundation

For everything
else to FINALLY work! 

The most effective way to shift from deficit to abundance in health, love, support and money is to learn how to give yourself the love and support you didn’t get as a child. This will quickly shift your feelings and beliefs to attract what you really want.

Your symptoms are a gift because they show you your blind spots - something you typically aren’t consciously aware of that needs to be addressed. Each symptom has a message supporting your expression and fulfillment. There is a clear path for your truest and greatest self!

While affirmations can be helpful, they don’t heal the Core Emotional Complex. To fully heal recurring symptoms requires Core Emotional Healing®, a process that teaches you how to take care of your emotional needs and support yourself! 

When you reconnect with and care for your feelings - you feel grounded, centered, safe, confident, and clearly guided by your intuition and wisdom - freeing you from restrictions and unwanted patterns.

When you take care of your emotional needs, you stop spinning your wheels - you finally know what you want, what to do to get it, and you believe in yourself.

Core Emotional Healing® can be the missing piece providing complete healing for many disorders including:

  • Depression and Anxiety
  • IBS, Candida, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Lyme, Hashimoto's, Crohn's, Multiple Sclerosis, and other Autoimmune Disorders
  • An unhealthy relationship with food: emotional eating, eating disorders, and body image issues
  • Addictions: sugar/alcohol, sex, shopping, excessive exercise, etc.
  • Perfectionism and unrealistic expectations
  • Settling for unsupportive relationships, codependency, and low self-esteem
  • Feeling overwhelmed, lacking confidence, struggling with business and money

"I truly believe core emotional healing is the missing link in the journey of healing from recurring gut issues.

As my lifestyle and diet changed, and I took the core emotional healing work, my dysfunctional patterns and mindset in relation to myself, others, food, and life itself changed. My life is changing and it's an amazing feeling to detach from victimhood and be in control of my health and mindset. I'm healing now, and I know it's thanks to working with Elicia Miller."

- Lynn Bee

About Elicia Miller

Elicia Miller

Elicia Miller is the Founder of Core Emotional Healing®, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Journaling Facilitator, and Candida Expert.

Elicia created the Core Emotional Healing® process as the culmination of 10 years of intensive training, personal healing, and empathic intuitive gifts. Based on her personal and professional experience, she developed a guided step-by-step process to address the emotional root cause of symptoms and suffering.

Elicia provides insightful, direct, compassionate guidance to inspire and support others to be responsible for how they feel, ask for what they want, and to set healthy boundaries. She helps others feel safe and supported so they are empowered to freely express their true selves.

She is the author of the ebook Detox 101 and coauthor of the books, One Crazy Broccoli and What’s Left to Eat. Her new book, Your Symptoms Are A Gift, to be released in 2019, is an inspirational guide to help readers realize the emotional connection to their symptoms. The book details the Core Emotional Healing® process to help anyone heal from physical, emotional, and relationship challenges.

Along with her husband, Psychologist Doug Miller, PhD, Elicia offers Core Emotional Experiential Therapy Private Healing Immersion for individuals and couples in Costa Rica. 

You can learn more about the Core Emotional Healing process here:

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Core Emotional Healing®

Core Emotional
Experiential Therapy

As a doctor, it's so important that I bring my patients the best possible resources, and I fully trust Elicia to provide that!

"Elicia is my go-to-person for any questions I have about the most challenging cases of Candida. She fully understands the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of this illness, and all the different ways it can present."

- Dr. Kim D’Eramo MD

My practice was able to thrive because I had more confidence in myself and I was able to better manage boundaries."

Janet Raftis

"As a result of doing this work, I became much stronger in every area of my life. My practice was able to thrive because I had more confidence in myself and I was able to better manage boundaries. I can hold more space for others from a more loving and open place. The release of the "heavy" emotions created space for positive and dramatic shifts within my life.

I began to value myself more and that became reflected in my business, my relationships and my health. I raised my rates and began to earn a prosperous living as a healer, I began attracting people into my life who respected my boundaries and who honored my time and my energy and my physical symptoms began to disappear."

- Janet Raftis

Working with the support of Elicia was the breakthrough for me in my healing journey and with my purpose. 

“I struggled for so many years with so many health issues until I was able to start working with Elicia. Once I started to understand how deeply connected my emotions, and emotional trauma were to the root cause and continuation of my health issues, I was able to start working on the real healing.

As I started to work on healing my physical issues by addressing my core emotional wounds, I also was able to open up my incredible intuitive gifts.  Working with the support of Elicia was the breakthrough for me in my healing journey and with my purpose. I was dealing with chronic migraines, severe food and environmental allergies, Candida, Hashimotos and additional autoimmune issues.

Working with Elicia in her programs through her Expressed What's Repressed Course, and with her additional one on one coaching, I was able to understand the emotional blocks that were holding me back. Her powerful ability to help you connect to your inner child, and actual heal your wounds, is beyond any other practitioner I have ever worked with through all my health issues.

I have a greater sense of confidence in myself and my abilities, as well as clearer boundaries with friends, family and clients. Now, in working with my clients, I am able to use what I have learned through the work with Elicia, to hold space for my clients in a way I never would have been able to, without her program. Elicia has supported me in healing my body, and stepping into the purposeful career I have always dreamed to be in.  I am now able to provide clear direction for my clients, because of the work I've done, and my ability to be grounded within myself, and my gifts. ”

- Jocelyn

She helped me to identify and process repressed emotions from my childhood and the residual impact they were having on my current emotional and physical state.

“When I met Elicia, I was four years into my infertility journey (with an original diagnosis of PCOS) and just over one year into my autoimmune journey. I had been working with a naturopath and was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, candida, Citrobacter, SIBO, leaky gut, Epstein-Barr, hypochlorhydria, and HPA axis dysregulation (aka adrenal fatigue). I beat candida, Citrobacter, and SIBO prior to meeting Elicia, but felt like my progress in other areas had plateaued and my dream of becoming pregnant was still evading me.

Soon after starting my work with Elicia I started to see and respect the significance that emotions play in one's health. She helped me to identify and process repressed emotions from my childhood and the residual impact they were having on my current emotional and physical state. She helped me uncover my emotional blind spots and challenged the limiting beliefs I had been taking for granted as truth. She helped me learn and apply what true unconditional love is. She taught me how to truly love myself.

The outcome: thyroid panels with antibodies consistently in remission level, no recurrence of SIBO or candida, and a pregnancy.

She has taken the lessons that life has thrown her way seriously and has passionately studied this field of work to become truly proficient in it. The process she has created takes her clients step by step in a manageable way through what can be a confusing and overwhelming journey. She acts as your guide as you continue to peel the layers back and go deeper.

After the program, I told her I knew I had been lost but I had been looking for the right "helicopter" to rescue me. Instead, Elicia gave me exactly what I needed. She gave me a map, held my hand, and walked by my side as I took each step in my journey to freedom and self-love. A journey I could have never walked on my own.”

- Andrea