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Your symptoms are a gift! ®

Core Emotional Healing

It’s worth it. You CAN finally heal the root cause of your physical and emotional symptoms, addictions, compulsions and relationship patterns...and it DOESN’T take forever!

Coming Soon! Core Emotional Healing certification program for healers, empaths, intuitives, practitioners, and coaches. 

**You must complete my Level 1 "Express What's Repressed" 60 Day Program in order to apply for the certification program.

If you’ve already done all kinds of personal development work, and you've tried every diet and various supplement while testing all the different healing modalities…

And you’re still dealing with unwanted patterns & symptoms (both physical and emotional), such as…

  • Depression and anxiety 
  • Candida conditions (bloated, foggy, tired, itchy, rashy)
  • Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Lyme, Hashimoto's, Crohn's, Multiple Sclerosis, or other ailments
  • An unhealthy relationship with food (bingeing, emotional eating, cravings, body images issues)
  • Codependency and low self-esteem (affecting both personal and business relationships)
  • Addictions (sugar/alcohol, starchy foods, caffeine, sex, shopping, excessive exercise)
  • Perfectionism and unrealistic expectations
  • Victimhood and debilitating fear
  • Settling for unsupportive romantic relationships 
  • Feeling overwhelmed, lacking confidence, struggling in business and with making money.

…it's a sign that you are still living from your pain.

It’s not your fault. This isn’t the real you. But it IS keeping you stuck.

Right now, your symptoms seem to define you. They leach into every aspect of your life (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) and keep you from moving forward.

You can’t be who you are with all of this going on.

You're not doing what you love because your brain fog is blocking your creativity and inspiration.

You're in a job to pay the bills but you know you're supposed to do something else.

You've been in one toxic relationship too many -- including your relationship to food, money, shopping ... and to yourself.  

You've already tried the diet, supplements and holistic treatments (and spent thousands).


It’s not only what you are eating, or doing or not doing.

It’s what you are not letting yourself feel that is holding you back.

Your symptoms are a manifestation of repressed anger (showing up as depression and frustration), chronic victim mentality, and an unconscious belief that you are not good enough. This belief creates perfectionism and an obsession with outside approval.

If you focus on treating your symptoms solely on a physical level, you’re missing the message, the gift.

It’s natural to be frustrated at your symptoms – and do whatever you can to get relief now, even if that means just treating the symptoms…but most of the treatments out there don’t actually heal the root cause.

They just mask the symptoms.

Your symptoms can keep you small for years, but I believe adversity is never pointless. It’s our greatest teacher if we use the lessons wisely. Candida and codependency connected me with my greatest truth—that I was more powerful than I’d ever imagined. I’m here to help you do more than just focus on the diet, supplements, going to holistic doctors and healers, tapping, meditation and affirmations.

I will guide you to your most powerful self.

On the other side of your symptoms is the real you...

Using your brilliant gifts every single day.

Waking up with energy and momentum to do the things you love the most.

Having healthy relationships where you’re encouraged, loved, and respected.

Traveling and enjoying life.

Trusting your intuition. 

Laughing and dancing spontaneously.

Getting clear on what you want and manifesting the love of your life!

emotional healing

Getting here is not as complicated as you might have imagined.

I invite you into my world where people start feeling better right away.

It is time to go further than merely imagining how good life can be.

It is time to make your life one that you love, one that’s 100% YOU!

About Elicia

Elicia Miller is a Core Emotional Healing & Candida Expert, Speaker, Author, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Inner Child and Journaling Facilitator.

Elicia Miller serves those who are seeking to live a more empowered, nurturing and fulfilling life. Elicia’s personal journey and service to many, combined with her compassion and deep unconditional love, has given her the gifts to help men and women experience acceptance and freedom.

Elicia Miller

In our culture and our families, we do not receive the support to process many of our emotions, and so we continue to repress them by distracting and numbing ourselves and through controlling and addictive behaviors. Elicia has realized that unprocessed emotions cause chronic emotional and physical symptoms, as well as relationship problems. Elicia helps her clients to see their symptoms and triggers as a gift and to value their emotions as a necessary part of their authentic selves. Elicia is the author of the e-book Detox 101 and co-author of the international best seller One Crazy Broccoli.

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What a huge blessing this was, one of the best gifts I have given myself ever.

...words can't describe how grateful I am for this program. The tools are something everyone in this world should have ~ something that would change humanity for the better.

I learned my emotions/feelings are my super power!! Learning to trust this part of myself was HUGE. The process put me back in touch with how deeply intelligent I am in a way I didn't fully realize. It was a part of me just crying out to be embraced fully. Trusting my own anger, sadness, etc has given me so much strength and transformed everything in my life.

My symptoms have improved, my marriage has improved, I truly LOVE & honor myself!! I feel like I am truly the person I was born to be, the person I was when I first came into this world. Coming back home to myself has been the greatest gem of this work.

I think everyone needs an Elicia in their life!

“Elicia has helped me on an incredible level to bring deep awareness into my life for healing and transformation. I truly think everyone needs an Elicia in their life. Her advice was first to work on a subconscious level, to become aware. My condition has been cycling for years without coherence that it was stemmed from the emotion of guilt. I am slowly letting go and eating the foods that make me feel lighter, happier and more in touch with myself.

I am taking responsibility for my actions and in turn nourishing my body-mind-soul. I am literally shifting the direction my wheel spins and it takes willpower, awareness and honesty with myself to make this change.

With her professional advice, Elicia helped me understand that I am only feeding my condition through engaging in foods that hurt me rather than heal.

I have been inspired to change my direction in life with my work, the people I choose to be around and the places I choose to live and venture as I listen and align with more clarity. ”

I have so much more energy now, I can really see my triggers for what they are and I connect with my self on such a deeper level.

"Working with Elicia was a game changer. I have learnt so much about myself, candida but most importantly  how to emotionally be healthy which in turn heals the body.

Elicia’s inner child work was a real eye opener and a game changer. I am so thankful to know Elicia and for her to share her knowledge and be so dedicated to her work."

I have so much more energy now, I can really see my triggers for what they are and I can connect with my self on such a deeper level. This has been such a  great/beautiful investment for myself and my health. The work really supported me to bloom again and again thanks so much Elicia."

Working with Elicia has allowed me to open up to the signals my body is giving me  as well as my emotions, and really learn how to process them in an effective way.

"Her first hand experience, knowledge, and intuition give her an amazing set of skills to be able to help her clients. Her approach is one of empathy, that still allows for her to tell you the hard things you need to hear, which then inspire action to make much needed changes.

I have noticed that I am now better equipped to deal with challenges that I face, and everyday struggles because of the emotional work that I have done with Elicia making me stronger. I have healed on so many levels!

I got my labs back and  my thyroid is balanced with no evidence of Hashimoto's!"

This was my wake up call to listen to my emotions, my body, my gut, and heal my past.

My body was like, "Hello! I'm trying to tell you something here, are you listening?!"  This was my wake up call to listen to my emotions, my body, my guy and heal my past.

It’s honestly true when Elicia says your symptoms are a gift.

Like many of you, I had consulted various doctors, natural remedies, started having guided meditations to release past memories but none of this was enough.

My symptoms flared up as a warning sign when I wasn’t listening to my emotions, my gut feeling while unhappy with an ex boyfriend.

I contacted Elicia because I didn’t have the correct guidance on exactly what I need to follow to get me on my path to healing.

Not sure which program is best for you?