Elicia Miller's 60 Day Core Emotional Healing Program

Put an end to your suffering and live an inspired life!

Validate And Value Your Feelings; Embrace Who You Are

I will help you to safely uncover and release your core issues blocking your healing and teach you how to take care of your emotional needs.

How do you feel about your life? Are you in a never-ending cycle of unhealthy behaviors, relationships and/or chronic physical and emotional symptoms? Do you look at yourself and feel content with what you see or are you in a state of inner turmoil that seems impossible to break free of?

Your repressed emotions, subconscious emotional patterns and limiting beliefs are at the root of your chronic symptoms, destructive behavior and feelings of inadequacy.

This is not who you are.

Emotional eating, unhealthy relationships, codependency, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, cravings . . . they all stem from a wounded inner child who doesn't feel good enough, safe or valued. 

Once you heal the original pain, you will transform into your beautiful true self. 

I will lovingly guide you in processing and releasing the pain from past experiences. Through this, you will receive the gifts from those experiences, honor yourself, value your heart, follow your joy, and love yourself unconditionally.

Find all the support, security and love you need exactly where you forgot to look . . . inside of you.

Discover how to:

Reconnect with and heal your wounded inner child – the one who doesn’t feel good enough or lovable.

Heal the root cause of your symptoms, addictions and unhealthy relationships by safely releasing repressed emotions.

Stop being so obsessed with getting everything right and being perfect. Start to understand that you are enough.

Have a healthy relationship with your emotions and eliminate your cravings and addictive behaviors.

Define success for yourself. Stop attempting to follow in the footsteps of others.

Get to the bottom of and put an end to past pain, limiting beliefs, emotional triggers and self-sabotaging patterns.

Set and maintain healthy boundaries across all aspects of your life.

Tune into and follow your intuitive voice.

Love and respect yourself by recognizing and honoring your own needs.

For one payment of $479 or two payments of $265 you get:

Five 2-hour live interactive group video workshops to start safely releasing your repressed emotions.

Recordings of all calls so you can review the workshop material whenever you need it.

Meditation guidance to help you re-parent and heal your wounded inner child.

Journaling exercises and worksheets that teach you how to look inside for emotional healing.

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Personal Support

My support for 60 days in the private Facebook group so you always have the guidance to move you forward during your healing process.

BONUS: Private Session

Bonus 30 minute private session with Elicia, after the program ends, to ensure that you are integrating the practices you learned in your daily life.

Don’t wait. Sign up and start your new story now. Take care of your emotional needs now and watch everything else in your life fall into place around it.

**This program is NOT for those actively addicted to alcohol/drugs. This program IS for those who are in Stage 2 of recovery, and for those with other addictive behaviors such as, food, caffeine, work, sex, shopping, excessive exercise and spiritual practices, perfectionism, planning etc.

***This group program is for women only. You don't need to be live on the group calls, you will have all of the recordings, worksheets and Facebook support you need. I also offer private sessions for both men and women.  

Next Program:
Dec 7th, 21st 2016 | Jan 4th, 18th, 25th 2017

2-Hour Sessions Start at:
1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern, 9pm UK, 6am (next day) Sydney

Limited Spaces Available

What people are saying...

I feel more self love, my emotions are settling now, I feel more balanced and I am opening up to more powerful intuitive gifts.

"I loved working with Elicia. I loved the group calls, the Facebook group…all of it. I found it all perfect for what I needed at the time, it all helped me immensely.

The program really helped me get through the very tough deeply buried ‘ stuff' that I wasn’t fully able to access on my own. I was skirting around it, but not getting to the nitty gritty’s!! I feel more self love, my emotions are settling now, I feel more balanced and I am now opening up to more powerful intuitive gifts."

I have a deeper level of awareness...

"Because of the program I’ve been able to give up sugar for the longest period of time in my memory. I have a deeper level of awareness of the wounds I sustained in childhood and all the ways I learned to detach, distract, and numb myself away from my pain. I am now starting to connect to my anger; giving myself permission to be angry and seeing why I am so angry and how it has affected my entire life."

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Elicia is able to lift the veil covering the reality of your repressed emotions and offers a safe and supportive environment.

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"Elicia is wonderful to work with. She is very intuitive and passionate about inner child work. Elicia is able to lift the veil covering the reality of your repressed emotions and offers a safe and supportive environment for you while you start to find a true expression of yourself. 

Because of the program I am now aware of my emotions and better able to articulate what is triggering them and what I am actually feeling.

I have also noticed an intuitive side to myself that I have never acknowledged before, specifically in relation to my husband and children."

I'm embodying my true self more.

"I felt so confused in general about life and also how to heal physically and emotionally. The reasons I did the program was to feel a deeper sense of confidence in myself, to heal emotionally at a deep level, heal my Candida and to have a better understanding of my life path. All are happening as a result of this program. :)"

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I am eating intuitively for the first time. I am also noticing a return of my intuitive gifts in a very profound way.

"Working with Elicia has been a great experience. I have found her to be a loving and supportive guide on the journey. She is very knowledgeable about the emotional connection to physical symptoms as well as how to navigate clients of all levels of spiritual awareness to greater heights and healing.

A very unexpected gift of the program is that I am eating intuitively for the first time that I can remember! I started the program having been on a Candida protocol for several months and about mid way through the program I kept getting an internal message that I could let go of the control and trust myself to eat what my body needed. I feel so free and am not longer obsessing that if I eat a formerly “forbidden” food it will make me fat or sick!

I am also noticing a return of my intuitive gifts in a very profound way. After really connecting with my inner child through the suggested tools and meditation I noticed that I was getting very clear direction on things in my life again.

I am now able to more often respond to people and things based on how I feel rather than trying to elicit a favorable response, care take someone else or prove myself.

About Elicia

Elicia Miller is a Candida and Core Emotional Healing Expert, Motivational Speaker, Author, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Inner Child and Journaling Facilitator.

Frustrated with traditional doctors and therapists and the lack of results, Elicia researched and tried over 50 detox and healing methods from around the world. This process helped her cure herself of many emotional and chronic health issues, including Systemic Candida, addictions, eating disorders, perfectionism, and more.

Elicia Miller

Today, Elicia firmly understands what it takes to heal the body. She specializes in the emotional connection between the mind and body for self-healing. Elicia works with hundreds of people around the world, via Zoom video meeting, who are still suffering after wasting time and money on programs that focus solely on diet and supplements. Elicia is the author of the e-book Detox 101 and co-author of the international best seller One Crazy Broccoli.

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