Elicia Miller's 60 Day Core Emotional Healing Program

Put an end to your suffering and live an inspired life!

Validate And Value Your Feelings; Embrace Who You Are

I will help you to safely uncover and release your personal pain blocking your healing, growth and intuitive gifts.

How do you feel about your life? Are you in a never-ending cycle of unhealthy behaviors, relationships and/or chronic physical and emotional symptoms? Do you look at yourself and feel content with what you see or are you in a state of inner turmoil that seems impossible to break free of?

Your repressed emotions, subconscious emotional patterns and limiting beliefs are at the root of your chronic symptoms, destructive behavior and feelings of inadequacy.

This is not who you are.

Emotional eating, unhealthy relationships, codependency, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, cravings . . . they all stem from a wounded inner child who doesn't feel good enough, lovable, safe or valued. 

Once you heal the original pain, you will transform into your beautiful true self. 

I will lovingly guide you in processing and releasing the pain from past experiences. Through this, you will receive the gifts from those experiences, honor yourself, value your heart, follow your intuition, and love yourself unconditionally.

Find all the support, security and love you need exactly where you forgot to look . . . inside of you.

Discover how to:

Reconnect with and heal your wounded inner child – the one who doesn’t feel good enough or lovable.

Heal the root cause of your symptoms, addictions and unhealthy relationships by safely releasing repressed emotions.

Stop being so obsessed with getting everything right and being perfect. Start to understand that you are enough.

Have a healthy relationship with your emotions and eliminate your cravings and addictive behaviors.

Define success for yourself. Stop attempting to follow in the footsteps of others.

Get to the bottom of and put an end to past pain, limiting beliefs, emotional triggers and self-sabotaging patterns.

Set and maintain healthy boundaries across all aspects of your life.

Tune into and follow your intuitive voice.

Love and respect yourself by recognizing and honoring your own needs.

For one payment of $597 or two payments of $330 you get:

Five 2-hour live interactive group video workshops to start safely releasing your repressed emotions.

Recordings of all calls so you can review the workshop material whenever you need it.

Meditation guidance to help you re-parent and heal your wounded inner child.

Journaling exercises and worksheets that teach you how to look inside for emotional healing.

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Personal Support

My support for 60 days in the private Facebook group so you always have the guidance to move you forward during your healing process.

BONUS: Private Session

Bonus 30 minute private session with Elicia, after the program ends, to ensure that you are integrating the practices you learned in your daily life.

Don’t wait. Sign up and start your new story now. Take care of your emotional needs now and watch everything else in your life fall into place around it.

**This program is NOT for those actively addicted to alcohol/drugs. This program IS for those who are in Stage 2 of recovery, and for those with other addictive behaviors such as, food, caffeine, work, sex, shopping, excessive exercise and spiritual practices, perfectionism, planning etc.

**This group program is for women only. You don't need to be live on the group calls, you will have all of the recordings, worksheets and Facebook support you need. I also offer private sessions for both men and women. 

Next Program:
April 5th, 19th | May 3rd, 17th, 31st, 2017

2-Hour Sessions Start at:
1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern, 9pm UK, 6am (next day) Sydney

Limited Spaces Available

What people are saying...

What a huge blessing this was, one of the best gifts I have given myself ever.

...words can't describe how grateful I am for this program. The tools are something everyone in this world should have ~ something that would change humanity for the better.

I learned my emotions/feelings are my super power!! Learning to trust this part of myself was HUGE. The process put me back in touch with how deeply intelligent I am in a way I didn't fully realize. It was a part of me just crying out to be embraced fully. Trusting my own anger, sadness, etc has given me so much strength and transformed everything in my life.

My symptoms have improved, my marriage has improved, I truly LOVE & honor myself!! I feel like I am truly the person I was born to be, the person I was when I first came into this world. Coming back home to myself has been the greatest gem of this work.

With Elicia's amazing guidance and reflections, I have been able to make gigantic leaps in my healing work, where once I was only able to make very tiny baby steps (and would even back track at times)!

Not until I had support, in particular Elicia's support, did I truly start to shed my old patterns and conditioning.

I truly believe this is because people need their patterns and beliefs systems reflected to them to truly internalize the shift. I couldn't always see how my patterns, conditioning, and limiting beliefs were creating the situations I was trying to prevent or evolve from.

With Elicia's intuition, knowledge, experience she very quickly and easily reflects to me what I am unable to see and how I could either work through the emotions or alter my perception/belief in any situation. Whenever she does that I feel an instant shift and light go off, adjustments I struggled to make on my own without support instantly started to happen. 

My biggest aha moment was realizing I was an emotional eater and not just a pig.

Learning that my eating, shopping, sex, staying busy were all symptoms of not feeling okay or safe in my own skin.

Getting in touch with my deepest self and being guided on how to consistently release not only anger but great sadness. Overall, this has been an extremely healing journey of honest self awareness and working with Elicia has been very inspiring.

I love the FB group and group calls. It helps me because I relate so much to everyone sharing, allowed me to feel safe and vulnerable because others were vulnerable, it set off triggers in me when hearing others share which made me more self aware, it gave me an outlet between calls to get feedback, love, and support.

I did not get here overnight. I am still working with Elicia over a year later.

The tools Elicia has given me, serve me on a day to day basis, and now I am able to recognize so many things within myself on my own, but I have still faced tricky challenges I have been unable to unmask without Elicia's words of wisdom in my ear.

She is beyond a coach, mentor, and friend, she is truly deeply gifted and knows how to navigate the treacherous waters of someone's inner most issues with loving kindness, grace, compassion, but also a no BS meter.

I think everyone needs an Elicia in their life!

“Elicia has helped me on an incredible level to bring deep awareness into my life for healing and transformation. I truly think everyone needs an Elicia in their life. Her advice was first to work on a subconscious level, to become aware. My condition has been cycling for years without coherence that it was stemmed from the emotion of guilt. I am slowly letting go and eating the foods that make me feel lighter, happier and more in touch with myself.

I am taking responsibility for my actions and in turn nourishing my body-mind-soul. I am literally shifting the direction my wheel spins and it takes willpower, awareness and honesty with myself to make this change.

With her professional advice, Elicia helped me understand that I am only feeding my condition through engaging in foods that hurt me rather than heal.

I have been inspired to change my direction in life with my work, the people I choose to be around and the places I choose to live and venture as I listen and align with more clarity. ”

I have so much more energy now, I can really see my triggers for what they are and I connect with my self on such a deeper level.

"Working with Elicia was a game changer. I have learnt so much about myself, candida but most importantly  how to emotionally be healthy which in turn heals the body.

Elicia’s inner child work was a real eye opener and a game changer. I am so thankful to know Elicia and for her to share her knowledge and be so dedicated to her work."

About Elicia

Elicia Miller is a Core Emotional Healing & Candida Expert, Motivational Speaker, Author, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Inner Child and Journaling Facilitator.

Frustrated with traditional doctors and therapists and the lack of results, Elicia researched and tried over 50 detox and healing methods from around the world. This process helped her cure herself of many emotional and chronic health issues, including Systemic Candida, addictions, eating disorders, perfectionism, and more.

Elicia Miller

Today, Elicia firmly understands what it takes to heal the body. She specializes in the emotional connection between the mind and body for self-healing. Elicia works with hundreds of people around the world, via Zoom video meeting, who are still suffering after wasting time and money on programs that focus solely on diet and supplements. Elicia is the author of the e-book Detox 101 and co-author of the international best seller One Crazy Broccoli.

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